Soul mate………… A common phenomenon sprinkling on the lips of the masses specially
the young one. But; yet, nobody knows the exact meaning of this term. The phrase which
has been used over the time by so many lads calling other as soul mate. The same goes
for the husband-wife relationship. They both rigorously called each other as soul mates,
while not knowing the hidden meaning. Hence, soul mate is someone who you feel
deeply connected to, but not in a dependent or needy way (Dr. Michael Tobin).

So after realizing what the soul mate is, it is necessary to deal with the challenges
revolving around. Sometimes, a person gets a gifted soul mate, while sometimes not.
And from this point, challenges, obstacles and psychological trauma begins. Person get
burned up, become annoyed, irritated and fall deep into emotional irony. Life simply
becomes lemonade which is sourer in nature. Furthermore, there is difficult to come out
of this err.

Person having no soul mate call themselves as the most grief person on planet earth. They
call themselves the unlucky as well as not the receiver of the bounties of the might Allah.
Hence, start complaining the society, the family and lastly the Allah for the actions that
has resulted in this myriad condition.

A soul mate is not found. A soul mate is recognized.

This famous proverb clearly states the importance of a soul mate, and when it is absent,
life becomes complex. There are several factors which results in the absence of soul mate
in this apartheid:

  1. Person becomes unreal
  2. Unwillingly looking for wrong persons
  3. Egoistic nature of individuals
  4. Over Visualized concept of Soul Mates
  5. High Expectations
    It is generally recognized principle that life without soul mate is not a real life. People
    find themselves alone, keep them aloof from the society. Enters into a psychological
    dilemma, call themselves into an inferiority complex. They also limit their social
    activities and are restricted into four walls of home. Take sleeping pills, visit psychiatrist
    and take mediation to ease out internal falling. Yet could not repair. Until, the soul mate is
    There is no doubt that soul mates do not naturally occur. Finding them is not the simplest
    task. Furthermore, even if someone discover it, it’s likely that you were unable to
    maintain them. Real love is a rare, mysterious, and overpowering sensation that not
    everyone gets to have. Yet it’s also challenging and confusing. It’s like water that we want
    to hold between our hands. No matter how hard we try to pull our fingers together, we
    know at some point that we cannot avoid it — it will find its way to escape, and only our
    wet skin will remind us that it has once been here.
    Perhaps soul mates are like stars in the night sky’s satin. Despite some being long
    deceased, their light continues to shine on us. We cannot see some of them, but they are
    there. Some of them have remained in the same spot for so long that we just take them for
    granted. Together, they ignited the sky, which we turn to for guidance and inspiration as
    we advance towards the possibility of a new day.
    Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more. As one of the poets said:
    It is correct to love even in the wrong time.
    The author is a freelance writer and can be reached at

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